The Shadow War

Training pt. 1


You help the Kundarak dwarfs track down the goblins you met in Kursk, and ‘negotiate’ a confession out of the goblins. They were supposed to pick up a case of necromantic ritual scrolls that could be used to raise a small army of undead – both illegal after the Thronehold Treaty, and likely an act of war. You and the party will help escort the goblins back to Dreadhold Prison, where you find some interesting tidbits about the Prison:

1) The warden is the brother of one of the high lords of House Kundarak, and leader of the Ghor’radin, a special ‘wetworks’ team that is dedicated to testing Kundarak security by breaking through it, and recovering stolen goods. Their philosophy is that no ward is truly secure until tested. Everyone else in Kundarak thinks they’re crazy, but it keeps them on their toes.

2) The compound is a massive complex, with multiple levels, Dragonshard mines, and supposedly dragons guard the deepest vaults. If the party tries to bash their way through the entire facility, you will be goners. Get to the Stoneward (level 37), preferably in one piece, find Kurgan, and get the heck out of there.


The caravan escorting the new prisoners to Dreadhold is pulled by bighorn sheep the size of small ponies, and they seem to take a particular fondness to you. They introduce you to some psychedelic mushrooms, and you are suddenly rushed through time and space to meet the Cosmic Knowledge Sheep. They spend a lot of time bleating about the nature of the universe, your place in it, and their continual struggle against the forces of unreality. Terrible things are coming, and you must be ready to confront them. They also point out that you still don’t have any armor or a shield, which is probably why things hit you so much. Trust the fleece! Trust the sheep! Baaa!

When you wake up, the bighorns just give you a dumb animal stare whenever you mention anything from your trip.


The Coven’s Eye has been acting up on you. Your veils are becoming harder to maintain, and the illusions seem to have a mind of their own. What is most disturbing is that it seems that someone else is using it to scry on your location. You managed to stall the spying spell, but you get the feeling that you may lose control of the Eye in an inopportune moment. Something, perhaps the original owner, wants it back. That is likely a very bad thing. It makes you want to crawl in a hole and hide somewhere, or at least buy some leather armor so you don’t get hit so often.


The amulet Mindbender gave you is giving you the creeps- almost as much as the Eye is creeping out Ella. As you get closer to Dreadhold, it seems to be warm to the touch, like a living thing.


Most of the Mrorian dwarfs think the Kundaraks are up to no good. They profited immensely from the Last War, and were able to broker huge deals by loaning gold to the Five Nations. They must have some skeletons in their closet, and chances are they were stowed away in Dreadhold. Time to see if you can find some dirt.

Remember that you are a leader, and your primary job is to help your strikers hit harder and protect your front line characters.


Thurin the dwarf Runecaster joins up with the party in Kursk, and he, Rhogar, and Chip reminisce about their battles together during the Last War. You were brought together upon the day of the Mourning, when Cyre descended into death, madness, and chaos, leaving only the Mournland behind…

The party was conscripted to rescue Beren il’Gadden, the nephew of a noble family of Breland, who was captured during a scouting party. His last whereabouts was a ruined tower, which once looked over an ancient source of magical power. Thurin was sent by his elders to find and study this Prophecy magic, in hopes of learning new runic spells.

The party first encounters the Daelkyr, foul abominations from Xoriat, the Realm of Madness. When they first came to Eberron millenia ago, they captured and mutated goblins from the Dhakaan Empire. They are most commonly found in the depths of Khyber, The Underdark, but many have sprung into the light of day during the Last War. This group has taken the tower and have been using the Prophecy glyph for their own alien intentions.

Combat with the Daelkyr

- 2 Dolgrim Warriors
- 8 Kuthriks

The party rescues Beren il’Gadden, and also discover a warforged, the last surviving member of a scouting party. It has been tied up in the Prophecy glyph days before Beren arrived, identified only as “ZUL-”. Exposure to the glyph has wiped its memory, and spontaneously generated a Dragonmark of Making, something previously known only to exist in humans of House Cannith. It was unable to fight on its own.

The Emerald Claw Arrive

- Lanyssa first meets with the party, and they force her to retreat
- 2 Emerald Claw Sergeants: Bloody fanatics given to death and destruction
- 8 Zombie Rotters

Beren helped the party from keeping zombies flanking the party, Rhogar leaps off the building to squish deaders, and the party meets Lanyssa, a necromancer working for the Emerald Claw. Rhogar clobbers her down to one HP, and she uses an invisibility potion to escape, swearing revenge.

Notes for PCs:
Both of these encounters were difficult for you because of their strength in numbers and their ability to flank you. In future combats, try to avoid being flanked, and attempt to flank your enemies whenever possible.

Dexter, Rhogar, and Thurin each gain 368 xp from the combat. Spoils of war include: 130 gp, a potion of healing, and a +1 Frost battleaxe, “The Ice Raptor” (check PHB1 for Rules). Dexter was very clever and put in a Kundarak safe deposit box, but Thurin was more clever and kept the combination to himself, who shared it when he came into the party.

Coincidentally, the interest from the account and the fees for maintaining the deposit box are identical. Sneaky Dwarf bankers!

Taking the Pirate Ship

Notes on June 9, 2011 adventure
Loose notes, will fill in details later.

-party attacks the pirate ship
combat: Pirate Captain Trenton
Ogre Bull
Human Pirates
Human Swabbies
Elf Lookout

Discovers the necromancer!
- Lanyssa the Emerald Claw Necromancer
- Zombie Pirate Trenton
- Zombie Ogre
- Zombie Rotters

Party wins, Dwarf NPCs alive
- Secret identities maintained!
- Going to Dreadhold!

Where we last left our heroes...
Copied from email sent May 2011
  1. The Last War, which embroiled the nations of Khorvaire in warfare for the last eighty years, ended four years ago. Common knowledge suspects that foul play between royalty, the Dragonmarked Houses, and other unknown movers and shakers have exacerbated the tensions of the Five Nations- selling intelligence, sabotaging treaties, and surprise attacks on critical supply lines, defenses, and ultimately leading to the magical catastrophes resulting in wiping out the entire nation of Cyre, turning it into the Mournland. Everyone’s emotions are raw from the scars of decades of battle.
  2. Kurgan d’Tharashk, a wartime correspondent for the Korranberg Chronicle, went missing weeks before a reconciliation tribunal, upon which it is supposed that he was going to drop names of some major players that have been playing the Five Nations along. You have been contacted by the Chronicle, Sam’s best childhood buddy Eldereth (ASSHOLE!), and a mysterious figure known only as “Matteo,” to find him – deep within the halls of Dreadhold Prison.
  3. To assist you in getting into Dreadhold, you have been tipped off to find a magical item known as the Coven’s Eye, a powerful focus of illusion magic, which has been stolen by the Jungle Boys. You managed to steal it back. However, you aren’t the only ones looking for it- you discovered a wizard affiliated with the Jungle Boys that was also trying to steal it, and he’s likely quite peristent. Eldereth was lost (presumably dead) in the attempt to distract the Jungle Boys. He apparently is still an asshole.
  4. After recovering the Eye, Ella is able to produce an illusion to make the party look like Dwarfs, provided that you stay close together, in about the same space as a small building or ship, provided that Ella can keep near the center of a room. It will be taxing to maintain the illusion in combat. Combined with forged papers and House Kundarak uniforms provided by Matteo, the party should have pretty effective disguises – just don’t try to speak in Dwarfish. In a Dwarf paramilitary complex.
  5. Matteo also included with the uniforms a magic +1 heavy mace. it is unique in that it does not appear to be symmetrical – the flanges on its surface are irregular, and varying shapes. It is clearly Dwarfish in construction and boasts Kundarak decorations.
  6. Good News- Dexter has managed to figure out your escape plan out of Dreadhold, hopefully with Kurgan in tow. Bad News – the party has had to make a deal with a very creepy magic-user known only as Mindbender. In exchange, Mindbender wants you to spring out someone for him. Both Kurgan and Mindbender’s “friend” are locked in theStoneward, where high-risk criminals are left petrified, in some cases for centuries. You have been given an amulet, which should help break any enchantments on Mindbender’s “friend”, and will signal him upon arrival. The cavalry should come soon, which is good news – your “friend” is apparently highly dangerous.
  7. (Yes, 7.) Zultan has an associate who has an airship, and is ready to leave Sharn for the Lhazar Principalities when you are. To date, you have yet to make contact with anyone from House Kundarak. You probably want to find someone who can get you inside Dreadhold, preferably not in chains. See if you can chum up with someone and worm your way into their confidence…

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