The Shadow War


Thurin the dwarf Runecaster joins up with the party in Kursk, and he, Rhogar, and Chip reminisce about their battles together during the Last War. You were brought together upon the day of the Mourning, when Cyre descended into death, madness, and chaos, leaving only the Mournland behind…

The party was conscripted to rescue Beren il’Gadden, the nephew of a noble family of Breland, who was captured during a scouting party. His last whereabouts was a ruined tower, which once looked over an ancient source of magical power. Thurin was sent by his elders to find and study this Prophecy magic, in hopes of learning new runic spells.

The party first encounters the Daelkyr, foul abominations from Xoriat, the Realm of Madness. When they first came to Eberron millenia ago, they captured and mutated goblins from the Dhakaan Empire. They are most commonly found in the depths of Khyber, The Underdark, but many have sprung into the light of day during the Last War. This group has taken the tower and have been using the Prophecy glyph for their own alien intentions.

Combat with the Daelkyr

- 2 Dolgrim Warriors
- 8 Kuthriks

The party rescues Beren il’Gadden, and also discover a warforged, the last surviving member of a scouting party. It has been tied up in the Prophecy glyph days before Beren arrived, identified only as “ZUL-”. Exposure to the glyph has wiped its memory, and spontaneously generated a Dragonmark of Making, something previously known only to exist in humans of House Cannith. It was unable to fight on its own.

The Emerald Claw Arrive

- Lanyssa first meets with the party, and they force her to retreat
- 2 Emerald Claw Sergeants: Bloody fanatics given to death and destruction
- 8 Zombie Rotters

Beren helped the party from keeping zombies flanking the party, Rhogar leaps off the building to squish deaders, and the party meets Lanyssa, a necromancer working for the Emerald Claw. Rhogar clobbers her down to one HP, and she uses an invisibility potion to escape, swearing revenge.

Notes for PCs:
Both of these encounters were difficult for you because of their strength in numbers and their ability to flank you. In future combats, try to avoid being flanked, and attempt to flank your enemies whenever possible.

Dexter, Rhogar, and Thurin each gain 368 xp from the combat. Spoils of war include: 130 gp, a potion of healing, and a +1 Frost battleaxe, “The Ice Raptor” (check PHB1 for Rules). Dexter was very clever and put in a Kundarak safe deposit box, but Thurin was more clever and kept the combination to himself, who shared it when he came into the party.

Coincidentally, the interest from the account and the fees for maintaining the deposit box are identical. Sneaky Dwarf bankers!



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